That way lies a black soul...
I want to live and love. I want to feel and cry. I want to fall and fly. I want me…to be…free.
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'Happiness', he said meekly, sitting on the bed looking down at his hands, watching the veins pump as he clenched his fists. The hands look tired much like his sorrow expression, one could almost smell a sense of despair. He thought like he usually did, words formed better in his head, they always did. He thought about how happiness is something pursued yet never quite found. About how you only have yourself to pick your sad self up, you must get up and smile weakly or else the day only gets worse. A cycle that repeats often. Ultimately the only power, friends, family and loved ones can give is influence in its many forms. Don't let anyone break your will. The choice is yours and yours alone.

I asked for help and you gave some. But your words left me sadder. Emptied of what was left, I was pushed a little farther. Am I a burden that brushes your shoulder sometimes? I look over and feel bad to disturb but sometimes I need you. That makes me dependent I think. I think it also makes you my friend, but to you I may be a burden. I keep distant for your sake but you tell me to come talk to you. When I finally let the words flow, your tone lets me down. You don’t understand.

I gave you what you wanted. My words may not please your ears but they are true to integrity with a dash of reality. Emptied? How so? Am I a bearer of ill and darkness? Darkness never sleeps, call upon it any time. But what could you possibly want from darkness? The absence of light seems relieving to many; who thought shadows could be friendly. The burdens of darkness no one can see. I will never say no to words, you will see that I have not left. It is you who does not understand.

So many words, so little time.

Have you revised for the exam?

—To your friend 5 minutes before exam

Bear some more, a little remains.

A bond can be so fragile.

There is no such thing as ‘remade sadly’.

Writers of colour have many shades.

Thoughts, life and coffee are everything.

Patience and manners teach us everything.