That way lies a black soul...
I want to live and love. I want to feel and cry. I want to fall and fly. I want me…to be…free.
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Guys out here playing all the latest video games and I’m here chilling, playing minesweeper.

My heart asks for some poetry, it needs the rhythm of words to sway it into sanity. Fellow poets, it calls. Some things are needing to be said, waiting in the waiting room of my throat, blocked by fear. Is fear the only thing left?

My heart moves away from poetry, I think about writing novels of love’s description so I can keep waiting. Writers and poets share a strange bond. I find silence is the best of voices. Cool, calm and collected. Hope, my dear, never fears to die.

She held her daughter and said, ‘The Queen is the most powerful piece on the board.’ The girl looked up at her mother as the tear vanished from the end of her smile. ‘Rise, my Queen.’

In other news the infinite pizza gif is deep.

Is Afghanistan in Pakistan?
—The primitive white being

It’s safer not to have feelings.

My sister wants me to pick her up from my grandparents which is 2 hours away and she says she’ll pay me lmao. I have a 9am lecture and it’s currently past 11pm.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Eclairs + tumblr = bliss

Eclairs + tumblr = bliss