That way lies a black soul...
I want to live and love. I want to feel and cry. I want to fall and fly. I want me…to be…free.
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May Allaah grant us the ability to expend our efforts in finding Laylatul Qadr in these precious nights. Aameen. Du’aa requests accepted InshaAllaah.

Alhamdulillaah by the grace of Allaah I have been invited to perform i’itikaaf in a house of Allaah. I pray that you forgive me for any wrongdoings and shortcomings on my part and any wrongdoing and shortcomings upon me have been forgiven. May Allaah grant you the ability to take advantage of these last 10 days and may Allaah allow you to take full benefit of these blessed nights. Aameen. I will be making Du’aa for all of you without exception during these nights.

I barely eat these days. I’ve lost 9 pounds since Ramadaan started. How can I eat my full when there’s Muslims having shrapnel, dust and smoke for Iftaar? How can i eat when my brothers and sisters are performing funerals for Suhoor?

AssalaamuAlaykum can y’all send me a message or reply to this post with your name. If your url is your name, you’re alright. This is so I don’t have to do Du’aa for a weird blog url nommsayin?

AssalaamuAlaykum 

The above hyperlink takes you to Saudi Arabia’s Al Rajhi Bank’s page where you can download a free Qur’an app - it’s their free gift to us this Ramadhan! 🙊

Or type in Bayan Quran into your app store/ play store :)

Tonight however is the last night to download for free.

It comes with preloaded 17 reciters, and has translation, transliteration and grammar of each word when chosen SubhaanAllaah Alhamdulillaah.

Please pass on for all to benefit InshaAllaah and get the reward yourself thereby InshaAllaah.

**Do not belittle a small deed**

His hair was jet black, long and wavy with a stunning shine. The eyes spoke of sleepless nights and terrific adventures, they always lay half open, he was a dreamer, a reader, a hope dealer. There was a diagonal cut on his well-trimmed mustache and his beard spoke volumes like his beautiful smile. He looked soft, yet daring. It was difficult to tell his story but I’m sure he had one. I’ll remember you, I said to myself and I’ll finish your story. I promise.

Last year I made a specific du’aa for each of my followers on the 27th night in Ramadaan. InshaAllaah I’ll be praying for you all again this Ramadhaan.

AssalaamuAlaykum Everyone!

And a belated Ramadhaan Mubaarak. I’m going to be pretty lowkey this Ramadhaan, so I’m kinda going ghost on y’all. I’m still around like a shadow/phantom, observing and judging all of you and your remakes. I might do live recitations, not sure tbh. I really want to focus on myself this Ramadhaan, be isolated, yeah turning sufi you got it.

There’s messages that I haven’t answered which I will try and get to when I can. No promises.

Ramadhaan is about being selfish, selfish with yourself not anyone else. It’s about giving yourself the time. Quality time. Just you and your Lord. No distractions. Peace and quiet. It’s time to meet your Maker. Go to the Masjid and sit in a quiet spot, reflect on yourself, read the Qur’aan. I’ve always found it a miracle when opening the Qur’aan to a random spot and reading the translation of the verse my finger lands on. It’s gob-smacking how relevant it is. It’s like Allaah is talking directly to you. Talk to Allaah and confess to Him, seek His forgiveness, repent and cry, cry rivers upon rivers and let your regret and failure run along those currents, far, far away from you.

Source : anonimouspoet

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